English FA search for language experts Mushajo ban against Chelsea

Jose Mourinho may be banned again, Mourinho may be banned again. After Manchester United’s 3-2 defeat at Newcastle, Mourinho has said something to the camera, and social media netizens say Jose Mourinho has spoken in Portuguese, ‘ Fodas filhos de puta ‘, which is ‘ fuck off, you bunch of Sons of X ‘.

The FA has previously announced an investigation into the matter. According to the latest news from Sky Sports, the FA will seek help from lip-language experts and linguists, continue to investigate Jose Mourinho’s remarks, and if he is found to have said “offensive or insulting language,” the FA would ban Jose Mourinho and will be absent from Manchester United against Chelsea next week.

This is obviously not good for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho, who are in trouble. Sky Sports also said that Manchester United had a precedent before, in 2011, Wayne Rooney in the game against West Ham, the shot was rough, and eventually suspended two games.

Champions League-messi 2 Ball 2 Mid-column Coutinho Barcelona 4-2 wins Spurs

Barcelona 4-2 wins Tottenham Hotspur Barcelona 4-2 wins Spurs Beijing Time October 4 03:00 (uk local time 3rd 20:00), 2018/19 Champions League B second match day a focus battle at Wembley Stadium to compete, Barcelona away 4:2 Lectra spurs, coutinho, Lakitic expansion score, Messi scored 2 goals,

Harry Kane and Lamera 2 goals for Tottenham. Barca’s 32-time England team scored 9 wins and 9 flat 14 negative, while Spurs had 6 European games against Spanish teams last season, with the remaining 5 2, 3 negative, including the 1982 UEFA Champions League semi-final, Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham have won 3 home matches in the Champions League group last season, and Barca has been promoted from the group in the last 11 seasons, although 3 teams have been on the road for 0, but only 1 won in the previous Season.

Messi returned to the starter, Busquets and Artur.
Tottenham Hotspur debut

Barcelona starting Barcelona Barcelona opened 92 seconds to lead, Messi through balls, the left side of the Alba restricted area loris timely return, Coutinho the edge of the restricted area into the lower left Corner. It was Barcelona’s fastest Champions League goal since November 2005, when Mark van Bommel scored 36 seconds against Pannacinacos. Then Messi free kicks in the restricted area, but Langles the top of the ball in the upper Area.

Sun Xingji Header ferry, Harry Kane 30 yards outside the long-distance was Confiscated.
Barca starts goal Barca goal
Coutinho first Half-shot Jiangong Coutinho first Half-shot Jiangong Bassadi 28 minutes to enlarge the score, Coutinho the edge of the small penalty box Loris reluctantly flutter out, the former Liverpool winger volley back, Lakitic off the edge of the arc volley shot in the left column inside the network, 2-0. Messi through balls, the right side of Luis Suarez area oblique bias Out. Busquets pass, Coutinho off the edge of the border outside the low shot was Confiscated. Alba passes and the shot is confiscated on the edge of Macy’s restricted Area.

After 3 minutes, The Macy’s Closed-arc shot was deflected and Removed.
Lakitic World Polakitic World Wave
Lakitic enlarged score Lakitic enlarged score Second. The first 47 minutes, Busquets pass, Messi breakthrough to the edge of the area Tui regret the left column bounce Back. 4 minutes later, Suarez side break the ball, Messi breakthrough to the exclusion zone arc low shot, the ball again regret in the left column bounce Back.

Spurs the 52nd minute to regain a city, Lamera counterattack in the pass, Harry Kane restricted area left costal 10 yards down Thermador after the injection far corner, 1-2.
Kane pulled a ball, Kane pulled a Ball.
Lionel Messi goal Messi goal Bassadi 56 minutes to open the gap again, Messi points, Alba left cross, Coutinho and Luis Suarez have intentionally missed the ball, follow-up of Macy’s 12 yards into the lower right corner, 3-1. Messi through balls, Luis Suarez restricted area to the right of 12 yards to the low-tide is Confiscated.

Spurs the first 66 minutes to close the Gap again, soccerway Simin pass, Lamera 20 yards shot in the Langles chest deflection network, 2-3.
Lionel Messi goal Messi goal
Lamera broke Lamera. Loris attack error, Messi into the right side of the restricted area was Aldevererde timely shovel Broken. Trippier right cross, just a substitute for the Sissoko of the forbidden area to Fly. Winx pass, Little Lucas on the edge of the restricted area bang was Confiscated. Spurs a continuous corner, Harry Kane close to the header gongmen by the Langles block out, Sanchez 10 yards in the header gongmen and is in the special root of the Turner. Barcelona 90th minutes to lock the victory, Alba steals Sissoko after the cross, Suarez missed, Messi 10 yards place tui, 4-2.

Adjara: really want to go after the World Cup but staying at Chelsea is Right.

Adjara spoke of his own future Adjara spoke of his own future This summer, Adjara and real Madrid’s transfer rumours were once very hot, but the Belgian star eventually stayed at Chelsea. Since the beginning of the new season, Blue Army 10th has continued the good summer and played a more astonishing role.

In an interview, Adjara also talked about his current Situation. “i’m Happy here,” Adjara to BT sports, “the new coach is here and we enjoy playing with him.” Staying in the club is the right Decision. My contract expires in two years-i can sign a new contract, or I don’t know. “the Belgian star also talked about La liga:” I tell you the truth, after the world cup, I thought about leaving the Squad. It’s my dream to play in Spain. Then I talked to the top and the manager, and then I said, ‘ no problem, I can stay  Cheap CHELSEA SOCCER JERSEY  

’” Is it possible to end a career at chelsea? “yes, It’s possible,” Adjara said. The fans love me, I like the club and the city, and I think my teammates love me, too. “but He also expressed another possibility:” but this may also have, that is, I will be a year or two years after the Transfer. It is easy for me to make the decision to Leave. If I stay or leave, I will be happy, this club is now a part of my life. ”

Decadent Milan add a cable rage!


Mad: It’s going to end sooner or later!
Gattuso is anxiously directing the team, and he’s anxiously directing the team. In the 6th round of the Italian Serie A, AC Milan played against the relegation team in 1-1. After the game, manager Rino Gattuso was very dissatisfied with the team, and he was seldom as mad as a player after he became a coach. But after the game, he said: “We are not a good team.”

It’s going to end sooner or later. Milan’s start-up has not been as predictable as it has been in the last few seasons, but it has never been as desperate as it has been this season. Last season, AC Milan in Montella 4 win 2 negative, get 12 points, lost two games were last season’s strong teams Lazio and Sampdoria. This season, AC Milan are now only 6 points (less), 3 rounds in a row, and no match 0 opponents.

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This sparked a backlash from the fans, and a rare criticism of the team.
Gattuso criticizes team Gattuso for criticizing the team
“We created the opportunity in the first half and second half and then made a mistake, even though the cost of making the mistake was quite high,” Gattuso said of the Italian Sky Sports. Our problem is that we cannot kill the game, and we need to do it without the cause of the situation.

” “We are here again to talk about an unfortunate outcome, but we must work hard to finish the next paycheck.” When your team makes too many mistakes, the confidence of the team disappears and we can’t deny it. We are not a good team, we are not efficient. We have to grow and reduce some mistakes. If we continue to play this game, then the result will come sooner or later. ”

Jose Mourinho determined to clean Pogba: sell him this winter

Jose Mourinho and Pogba, Jose Mourinho and Pogba have been hard to find. Mourinho and Pogba broke into infighting, which immediately became the focus of football. Is there a possibility of détente between the two people?

“The Mirror” now gives the answer – no, Jose Mourinho even asked United to sell Pogba as soon as possible. In recent days, Jose Mourinho and Pogba’s contradictions have been completely open, Jose Mourinho first announced the elimination of Pogba Manchester United captain’s post, and then the two men in the training ground public black-handed, look uncomfortable.

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It seems that Jose Mourinho’s relationship with Pogba has been irreversible. The Mirror revealed that Jose Mourinho had asked Manchester United to sell Pogba, and that Manchester United’s top-level plan was to sell Pogba next summer so that they would have a chance to sell £ 200 million in price.

However, Jose Mourinho apparently did not want to wait so long, he hoped the high level can sell Pogba in winter window next January.
Pogba see Jose Mourinho also very unhappy Pogba see Jose Mourinho also very uncomfortable
As early as this summer, Manchester United had moved to sell Pogba, but CEO Woodward and the rest of the board objected to the sale of Pogba. But the reality now that the high-level has to accept is that the bad relationship between Jose Mourinho and Borg has begun to poison the club, a matter that must be resolved as soon as possible.

Talksport host Alan Brazil that Pogba is already “poison”, United should sell him as soon as possible. Earlier, the Daily Mail has revealed that Pogba himself to Jose Mourinho to apply for the leave, and he wanted to go to the next stop, is the Spanish giants Barcelona.

Barcelona media satire Cristiano Ronaldo + Real Madrid: Leaving the Real Madrid referee will not protect you

Cristiano Ronaldo sent off Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off

Cristiano Ronaldo’s red card is the most topical event of the international football this week, and the pro-Barcelona Catalan media has a habitual voice to taunt Cristiano Ronaldo.
World Sports newspaper satirical Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid World sports newspaper satire Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid The headline of the World Sports News is “Cristiano Ronaldo has a red card, he cries out”, the article wrote: “He and Murillo entangled together, then eat red card, and cry like a youth team player.”

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” The world sports News also ridiculed that Cristiano Ronaldo had escaped with the referee’s protection several times before, and now he has been punished for leaving the referee-covered Real Madrid. “Cristiano Ronaldo’s 20 apparent acts of violence escaped punishment before serving Portugal and Real Madrid, and he was finally sent off on behalf of Juventus ‘ Champions League debut.

” “This proves that the protection of the referees is no longer there, leaving Madrid and Real Madrid.”

” In Italy, the media stand on Cristiano Ronaldo’s side, accusing the referee of being overly strict. The Turin Sports newspaper said the red card was “ridiculous” and a “scandal”.

Exposure to Cristiano Ronaldo feels that Uefa has changed a lot since he left Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo feels Uefa is suppressing his Cristiano Ronaldo feeling that Uefa is suppressing him

According to the Spanish “maca” reported that Cristiano Ronaldo, he felt that he suffered a red card in the Valencia game, is a major injustice in his career, he felt Uefa in the whole. One of the biggest contentious events in the Champions League was the dismissal of Cristiano Ronaldo. After eating the red card, he shed the tears of pain, appear incomparably wronged. The Makati newspaper revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo wept not only because of the red card itself.

He had a lot of similar moves before, but this time he found that the German referee did not hesitate to send him off the court, while Cristiano Ronaldo thought he should not suffer such punishment.
A screenshot of the Maca News The people around Cristiano were quick to respond. After Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, Katya, expressed his anger on the social network. The singer wrote on the Internet: “Shame!” Fair and comfortable. They want to ruin my brother, but God never sleeps. They will pay a great price for these tears. These people want to fight you, but they never do. This is the shame of football, brother, you are great.

” The Makati newspaper revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo and the people around him believe that there are people behind this. They believe that some things have changed since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid. The change of circumstances began at the UEFA Awards conference in Monaco and, 3 hours before the awarding conference, he knew he had not been named the best player and therefore decided not to attend the awards conference.

He thought the result was strange because he had previously thought he was the winner of Uefa’s “best player”. The second thing that sparked Cristiano Ronaldo’s suspicions was the red card he could not accept in Valencia. The people around Cristiano said it was Uefa’s retaliation for his absence from the awards conference.

They believe that Uefa is persecuting Cristiano Ronaldo, and that the conspiracy theory will be strengthened if he fails to win the “FIFA Best player” trophy in Monday. FIFA says Cristiano Ronaldo will go to London to attend the awards ceremony, but they are not sure. They knew that Cristiano Ronaldo was annoyed at what had happened and that he considered himself a victim.

Juventus are providing him with the greatest protection, but it doesn’t look enough and he needs to get more. They were not surprised that Real Madrid did not care about what had happened. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence from the UEFA Awards conference sparked Real Madrid’s high-level attention, which they thought was part of the match for Cristiano Ronaldo’s red card in Valencia. Everyone has a view of Cristiano Ronaldo, Casemiro said that the personal trophy should be Cristiano Ronaldo rather than Modric.

Barca’s got a mbappe for Lionel Messi.

Belle’s talent is gradually cashing in on Belle’s talent.

With a world wave in the Champions League debut, Gordon Belle proved himself in a state of great glory, with French genius returning to the trust of coach Valverde and his position in Barcelona growing stronger. Belle from the start of the season, and his state continues.

Despite the fact that last season’s injury and adaptation to my problem did not show the true level, this season he changed, completely like a different person. In the former Spanish Super Bowl and La Liga, Belle played a decisive role, and this time, he also used a goal to help Barcelona lock the game.

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The Belle was very active from the very beginning, and the peak was when the goal was scored. While Messi helped Barca get 1:0 of the lead in the first half, Barca has been slow to expand its lead, and Eindhoven will not raise his hand to surrender. After a long attack, Barca manager Valverde’s face became gloomy. Fortunately for the 74th minute of the game, Belle with a goal to reassure Barca.

At that time Coutinho pass, Deng Belle midfield pull ball turned off 2 people, break into the area before the horizontal with the ball, dangling angle arc ball into the lower right corner, the score becomes 2:0.
Deng Belle’s talent is Belle In the course of the goal, Deng Belle showed his technical level and comprehensiveness, he left foot off the other two, then the left and right foot swap with the ball, with the wrong foot to break the door. “The Daily sports newspaper,” praised said: “Belle with his own speed using space, not afraid to face opponents, proved his right and left foot omnipotent, his ability to control the ball is very few to rival.” Finally, use the world wave to draw a full stop for this process.

Mr Belle’s goal was to free Barcelona, and Eindhoven was hit, and Messi scored 2 goals to help Barcelona get a 4:0 start. Belle scored in the Spanish Super Bowl, La Liga and the Champions League, and he became the first player to have scored in three matches this season. The 80th minute, Valverde with Artur Belle, the Camp Nou Belle name, he worthy of the fans applause.

As a matter of fact, the fans were greeted with applause when he presented a beautiful detail on the court. Gordon Belle wants to be an important player, and he is now doing it step-by-step. He has scored 5 goals in the last 6 games, the second-biggest striker after the team Nemecy, the last 4 Barcelona games, and he has scored on the pitch.

And he has scored more goals this season than last season.
S3.pfp.sina.net/ea/ad/1/8/6ee5f1733fdd7d594be4386200752fc7.jpg As a new generation of French offensive demon, Belle always be taken to compare with fellow Mbappe. The two youngsters are worth more than 100 million euros. To the previous results, Mbappe really ahead of the Deng Belle a body, he was young in the Champions League to brush all kinds of scoring records, this summer’s World Cup, Mbappe performance is also obvious, and Deng Belle in the World Cup basically did not get the main position.

But from the start of the season it can be seen that Deng Belle’s talent is not worse than Mbappe, at Macy’s side, he is gradually cashing his talent. After the game Valverde praised the Belle: “Belle performance is very good.” He has a good relationship with the goal and has continuity, which he won with his own efforts. In defense, he is also helping the team, and has a hundred-percent breakthrough ability.

” “The Daily sports newspaper” after the Belle 9 points, and Messi, the comments said: “Deng Belle’s performance is explosive, he is like a muse, inspired, energetic, fearless, and played a good game again.”

” “Belle’s growth is unstoppable, and he created a goal to help Barcelona lock in the victory,” the Maca said. He won the applause and has now become the undisputed main force in the Valverde lineup. At the start of the season, Barca’s Belle is the best news. He suffered a serious injury to Getafe a year ago, and today he is reborn in a cocoon. Let’s see if he’s worth the 150 million euros he paid for his return to Barcelona.


Alexandros Ierides vs. Belmont 9-15-18
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The University of Memphis men’s soccer team travels to Birmingham, Ala., for the second time this season, only this time the squad will play longtime rival UAB. The Tigers previously played in UAB’s Soccer for a Cure Classic, but did not face the host team. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m., Tuesday evening.

A Look at Memphis

The Tigers enter the week after defeating Belmont 3-0 on Saturday. Three different players scored in the match, including redshirt sophomore Chris Mikus, who scored the first goal in the third minute. Mikus is now tied for team-lead in goals this season with three.

Goalkeeper Tyler Hofmann played 80 minutes against Belmont, stopping all three shots on goal from the Bruins. As the second half dwindled, Parker Lackland came in to seal the deal, but did not have to stop any shots. Memphis has now held three opponents scoreless, including back-to-back games against Utah Valley and Belmont.

Memphis and UAB are familiar opponents, with matches dating back to the Conference USA days and beyond. The storied rivalry currently has a record of 20-19 in favor of UAB, but the Tigers have an opportunity to even the series.

The UAB Blazers

UAB enters Tuesday’s match with a 1-5-0 record, dropping its previous outing against FIU in Miami. A goal in the second overtime period lifted the Panthers to victory.

The Blazers have five different members of the team with a goal in 2018. In UAB’s only victory, Eder Mora scored on a penalty kick in the second overtime, lifting the team to victory against Santa Clara. The primary keeper for the team is James Teal, who has recorded nine saves in 439 minutes between the pipes.

Head coach at UAB is Mike Getman is in his 27th season in Birmingham. He has previously led the Blazers to eight NCAA Tournaments, and has won over 250 matches while at the helm at UAB.

Follow the Tigers

For more information on the Memphis men’s soccer team, follow the Tigers on

It’s the real God of melon!

He’s the superstar, the stunt unrivaled football.
Melon Handsome “treasure waste” ability Cavatina melon Handsome “treasure” ability Cavatina No comparison, no harm! When you see how Fernandinho and Basilica are struggling with the Brazilian national team, when you exclaim Ottamendi why the Argentine national team is so bold, when you are accustomed to sterling in England was criticized by the people, then to see how many of their almost scolded “waste wood” in city is how high light,

And when it comes to helping Manchester City to lay the title of the Premiership as a superstar, you have to admire Guardiola’s miaojue of “local conditions” in the development and use of an apostle.

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Sane, Fernandinho and other people in Manchester City become different sane, Fernandinho and other people in Manchester City become different Home 3-0 win Fulham, Manchester City this battle is quite easy, Guardiola again use beautiful football to completely suppress opponents, and timely give up the ball right, lure to get more offensive space. Throughout the game, Manchester City had a tight grip on the game, and Fulham had a hard time getting a breather, and Manchester City won a very Guardiola victory again.

And in the game, a lot of players outstanding performance also left a deep impression on people. The nearly vanished blitz first and completed 90 seconds to break the door, sharp breakthroughs and amazing speed to the city offensive added to the variable; Aguero did not score goals, but gave Sterling an assist; The Happy football representative Sterling was very active and scored a goal to lock the game. The characteristics of the Fernandinho and defensive balance were once again revealed; Ottamendi in the line of defense as the Poseidon Needle, the replacement of the hot Soze also brought a lot of vitality to the offensive side …

Their wonderful performance is the key to Manchester City’s victory, and they are also the achievements of the Blue Moon Corps in the Premiership last season. “Spit cake”? So, “feed the pie” until the goal is “spit cake”?
Then “Feed the pie” until the goal is scored. However, when the stars returned to the national team, their performance was criticized. Aguero in Argentina is no longer a goal such as machine, he even for how to get the appearance of time and distress, Ottamendi in Pampas Eagle Bold on the grab and big defensive action, all let him become the target; Sterling kicks off as usual; Fernandinho often loses in Brazil

The opponent as a soft rib to attack, even led to the Samba regiment fall short, basilica although the main Brazilian team striker, but the presence of the very poor, 5 World Cup 0 goals, Sane simply did not get into Low’s discernment, lost Germany’s World Cup list.
S3.pfp.sina.net/ea/ad/12/1/70516f6f2d7f36f0db75be089df67748.jpg Why do these Manchester City stars behave so strangely in the national team? The main reason for this is of course the unique tactical system that Guardiola has built. Guardiola’s philosophy of football emphasizes on the control of the right to the ball, with passing constantly disintegrating the opponent’s line of defense, when the right to lose the ball, the moment to press around to rob, the opponent killed in the bud.

Ottamendi and Fernandinho defense on the short board rely on a powerful system to make up, sterling “spit cake” on the continued “cake”, basilica in this system, sane and Aguero also played a great power. Pep Guardiola used his own tactics to give the players the Stars ‘ halo and put them on the stage again. Guardiola’s achievements are numbered and even unique throughout the football world. But at the national level, no one can transplant Guardiola’s tik-tak perfectly, which has caused many Manchester City players to get sick after returning home. As a result, their shortcomings are infinitely magnified.

The lack of coordination with teammates and the tension that has been created for the country are other reasons why many Manchester City players are underperforming in the national team. Speaking of which, we had to talk about Pep Guardiola’s original cultivation. Stirling and the inner melon handsome under the head to the pinnacle of career, Stones also in frustration has become mature, stable, Jin Qin and Forden in Manchester City also won the praise of the outside world … Guardiola’s beautiful football kicks the Manchester City players and avoids the short board in such a system, which makes city’s performance rise while the players ‘ abilities are greatly improved.