Arsenal name: Winning Derby means a lot of 1 teammates remind me of Henry


Ramsey interviewed Ramsey for interview Arsenal tied their rivals in a 4-2 home win over Tottenham points.

In the game, substitute Ramsey dedicated two assists to perform well, after the game he was interviewed. Ramsey: “(mental Outlook) I think for us, it’s the key to getting this win. You can really feel that excitement, which has helped us overcome some of the difficulties and ultimately win.

” Obameyang He’s an incredible player and he’s always scored like that in training. He had a very fast pace when he caught the ball. He reminds me of Henry, who is very good to us.

” “I know what it means to beat Tottenham, I’ve been here for many years and that means a lot to me and the fans,” he said. I’m glad I can play my part and we’ll all be very happy when we get home tonight. ”

Serie A-c Roman Zhu break Iguazu lost dyed red AC Milan 0-2 juventus

Crow celebrates goal Crow celebrates goal Beijing Time November 12 3:30 (Italy local time 11th 20:30), Serie A 12th round began 1 focus battle, AC Milan 0:2 at home to Juventus, ending Serie A 3 straight, Juve broke Serie A’s first 12 points record (34 points). Manjukichi scored Juventus Serie A away against AC Milan for the 100th goal, and Iguazu was in the middle of a penalty. Second half, Dibala free-kick middle column. Ronaldo scored for the first time at San Siro, where Serie A has been involved in 13 goals (8 goals, 5 assists) this season.

Iguazu was sent off for the field.
AC Milan fan TIFOAC Milan fans Tifo

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AC Milan fans ‘ banners against Bonucci AC Milan are Serie A’s most beaten team (49 wins), but the last win dates back to October 2016. Iguazu recovered from a back injury out of the old master, and Castillejo formed a frontline partner, Couterone ankle injury hit the replacement. AC Milan fans hit a banner in the stands: “Bonucci: Only Schettino is worse than you. Shame.

(Note: Schettino is the captain of the song Da Concorde, who was stranded and scrapped on the rocks on January 13, 2012, and was arrested for abandoning the ship without evacuating the passengers). Juve are the only 5 major European league teams (12 wins and 3 draw) in 2018, with AC Milan nearly 11 Serie A games 10 wins and 1 losses, and after AC Milan won the Serie A title in the 2010-11 season, Juve’s 8 Serie A guest AC Milan is only 2 negative (5 wins and 1 draw). Bonucci sat lateness, which, according to Italian media, was Bonucci’s own decision to avoid boos from Old Firm fans.

Benatia and Chiellini partner centre-back. In the opening 6 minute, Alex Sandro passed the left and the Crow box corner outer edge slanted higher. Juve made the lead on their 2nd shot! In the 8 minute, Alex Sandro passed in the left, Manjukichi after the point to press Ricardo Rodriguez, in front of the door 5 meters head into the lower right corner, 1:0.

AC Milan have never been 0 opponents in 2 consecutive rounds since March. Manjukichi Header

AC Milan giant: The position of the Gabriel is shaky?


Nonsense, the top is trying to hold him up.

Leonardo talks about Gabriel Shuai bit Leonardo on the position of the Gabriel

According to Dimazio reports, Milan director Leonardo said the club fully supported Gattuso.

Leonardo has denied rumours that Gattuso is in crisis as a result of the shaky state of Milan this season. “The position of the Gabriel is shaky?” All these rumors about him come from people outside the club, so so far, as I have learned, these rumors are unfounded. That’s why we don’t think we need to deny it, because Gattuso knows that he has our full support.

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“Leonardo told reporters at the Golden Foot Awards ceremony. Speaking about Milan’s goals this season, Mr Leonardo said: “We want to qualify for the Champions League, but we can’t be too obsessed with it and it’s normal to have a place in Champions League, which is the DNA of this club.” It’s an achievable goal for our squad and it still takes a game to win and get that 3 points and we can get back to the top four. We have that goal, but we also know that it’s not easy, and it’s going to be a tough season. ”

Exposing Loppets is about to re-teach two teams to invite him


Loppets expected to re-employment Loppets expected to re-employment

According to the Maca newspaper, Loppets and his team of coaches did not rule out the possibility of a recent re-coaching, saying the Mexican national team was interested.

Loppets and his team of coaches are still very confident that they will start planning for the future, but they do not rule out the possibility of an immediate re-coaching, the Maca said, despite the dismissal of Real Madrid and dissatisfaction with the way Real Madrid handled it. Western media said that since the beginning of the new season is not long, so it is possible to have a team to provide interesting plans to Loppets, the Russian press yesterday, said the Moscow Spartan is interested in the former Real Madrid manager.

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México Fox said the Mexican Football Association intends to invite Loppets to serve as Mexico’s national team manager. However, the “maca” once again stressed that it is too early to talk about the future, because Loppets also need to deal with contract issues, rest, analysis errors … But all this preparation is to be able to re-teach as soon as possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s most absorbent scene warms the world to Manchester United but is therefore fined.

Fans rush to hug Cristiano Ronaldo fans and embrace Cristiano Ronaldo In the Champions League clash with Juve, one of the fans rushed in to take a photo hug with Cristiano Ronaldo, and he was grabbed by multiple stadium security personnel. However, the good-hearted Cristiano Ronaldo then stopped the security of the rough, but also a photo with the fans round his dream.

This warm-hearted scene has also made a lot of money for Cristiano Ronaldo, but it’s not so good for Manchester United and they will face punishment. UEFA has officially announced charges against Manchester United for failing to stop fans from rushing into the stadium. The allegation is that Manchester United have violated the 16th of the UEFA Rules of discipline regulation on ‘ stadium invasion ‘.

The UEFA disciplinary Committee will announce its decision on the matter by November 22.
Another one of the fans who killed the entry.

The Post reported that there were 3 fans who broke into the stadium, 1 were in the race, 2 were after the game, and the Manchester City police said fans of the invasion stadium had been arrested and detained.
Professor Yang is ignorant of Professor Yang’s eyes. Manchester United have not been Champions League this season, with Manchester United still not getting to the stadium on time due to traffic jams, leading to a five-minute kick-off in the match against Valencia. Manchester United were also fined 15,000 euros by Uefa after the game. Manchester United also made a special change to the hotel before the Juventus game, but it still failed to bring good luck to the team.

 UEFA Champions League-Insi 90-minute lore Liverpool misfiring guest minus Naples

Liverpool guest of Naples Liverpool guest negative Naples

Beijing Time October 4 03:00 (Italian local time 3rd 21:00), the 2018/19 Champions League C in the second match day of a focus battle in the São Paulo Stadium, Liverpool away 0:1 lost to Naples, the Reds have a few opportunities, because the Signe 90th minutes of lore. Liverpool’s 11-time Italian team won only 3 times, while the other 8 were 3 flat and 5 negative, with the 2010 guest war Napoli has failed. Napoli had 6 home vs. Premier League matches last season against Manchester City, while the remaining 5 were 4 wins and 1 flat. Naples nearly 3 European war home 2 defeats, Liverpool nearly 7 Champions League away only 1 times Siqi.

Klopp only used Keita to rotate Henderson’s appearances. Both sides tried to control the game after the opening. Callejon Pass, because the Signe chest after the penalty box left 18 yards to volley, the ball slightly biased out of far corner. Then Hamsik Pass, because the West Nirvana 25 yards arc ball shot slightly off the upper right corner. Liverpool were subsequently hit, Keita injured and could not insist on being replaced by Henderson. Robertson passes, Vinaldum outside.

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Rui Crosses, Milik the edge of the forbidden area turned volley was Alison to block after confiscation.
Keita back injury leave field Keita back injury leave field Second. Because of the West Nirvana Pass, Milik off the edge of the border outside bang was Alison sprang, Gomez Rob before Callejon rescue. Coulibaly header ferry, Ruiz left the forbidden area before bang was Alison confiscated. Rui left cross, because of the West Nirvana point shot was affixed to prevent the Van Dyck block out. Subsequently, due to the West Nirvana Pass, Milik restricted area edge volley still biased out the target.

Naples Relief Corner, Salah in the closed area arc shot off the right column.
Salah continued downturn Salah continued downturn Liverpool were almost completely suppressed in the half-court. Just 20 yards from the bench, the Alpenhotel zur Wildi shot off. Milner was replaced by Fabigno. Naples the 82nd minute nearly broke, Rui left cross, Mortens near the volley pad shot back. Sturridge replaced Mane. Naples 90th minute lore, Callejon-on-the-Alison and the Red Army line of defense have failed to intercept, the unguarded Insi the edge of the small area shovel shot.

English FA search for language experts Mushajo ban against Chelsea

Jose Mourinho may be banned again, Mourinho may be banned again. After Manchester United’s 3-2 defeat at Newcastle, Mourinho has said something to the camera, and social media netizens say Jose Mourinho has spoken in Portuguese, ‘ Fodas filhos de puta ‘, which is ‘ fuck off, you bunch of Sons of X ‘.

The FA has previously announced an investigation into the matter. According to the latest news from Sky Sports, the FA will seek help from lip-language experts and linguists, continue to investigate Jose Mourinho’s remarks, and if he is found to have said “offensive or insulting language,” the FA would ban Jose Mourinho and will be absent from Manchester United against Chelsea next week.

This is obviously not good for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho, who are in trouble. Sky Sports also said that Manchester United had a precedent before, in 2011, Wayne Rooney in the game against West Ham, the shot was rough, and eventually suspended two games.

Champions League-messi 2 Ball 2 Mid-column Coutinho Barcelona 4-2 wins Spurs

Barcelona 4-2 wins Tottenham Hotspur Barcelona 4-2 wins Spurs Beijing Time October 4 03:00 (uk local time 3rd 20:00), 2018/19 Champions League B second match day a focus battle at Wembley Stadium to compete, Barcelona away 4:2 Lectra spurs, coutinho, Lakitic expansion score, Messi scored 2 goals,

Harry Kane and Lamera 2 goals for Tottenham. Barca’s 32-time England team scored 9 wins and 9 flat 14 negative, while Spurs had 6 European games against Spanish teams last season, with the remaining 5 2, 3 negative, including the 1982 UEFA Champions League semi-final, Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham have won 3 home matches in the Champions League group last season, and Barca has been promoted from the group in the last 11 seasons, although 3 teams have been on the road for 0, but only 1 won in the previous Season.

Messi returned to the starter, Busquets and Artur.
Tottenham Hotspur debut

Barcelona starting Barcelona Barcelona opened 92 seconds to lead, Messi through balls, the left side of the Alba restricted area loris timely return, Coutinho the edge of the restricted area into the lower left Corner. It was Barcelona’s fastest Champions League goal since November 2005, when Mark van Bommel scored 36 seconds against Pannacinacos. Then Messi free kicks in the restricted area, but Langles the top of the ball in the upper Area.

Sun Xingji Header ferry, Harry Kane 30 yards outside the long-distance was Confiscated.
Barca starts goal Barca goal
Coutinho first Half-shot Jiangong Coutinho first Half-shot Jiangong Bassadi 28 minutes to enlarge the score, Coutinho the edge of the small penalty box Loris reluctantly flutter out, the former Liverpool winger volley back, Lakitic off the edge of the arc volley shot in the left column inside the network, 2-0. Messi through balls, the right side of Luis Suarez area oblique bias Out. Busquets pass, Coutinho off the edge of the border outside the low shot was Confiscated. Alba passes and the shot is confiscated on the edge of Macy’s restricted Area.

After 3 minutes, The Macy’s Closed-arc shot was deflected and Removed.
Lakitic World Polakitic World Wave
Lakitic enlarged score Lakitic enlarged score Second. The first 47 minutes, Busquets pass, Messi breakthrough to the edge of the area Tui regret the left column bounce Back. 4 minutes later, Suarez side break the ball, Messi breakthrough to the exclusion zone arc low shot, the ball again regret in the left column bounce Back.

Spurs the 52nd minute to regain a city, Lamera counterattack in the pass, Harry Kane restricted area left costal 10 yards down Thermador after the injection far corner, 1-2.
Kane pulled a ball, Kane pulled a Ball.
Lionel Messi goal Messi goal Bassadi 56 minutes to open the gap again, Messi points, Alba left cross, Coutinho and Luis Suarez have intentionally missed the ball, follow-up of Macy’s 12 yards into the lower right corner, 3-1. Messi through balls, Luis Suarez restricted area to the right of 12 yards to the low-tide is Confiscated.

Spurs the first 66 minutes to close the Gap again, soccerway Simin pass, Lamera 20 yards shot in the Langles chest deflection network, 2-3.
Lionel Messi goal Messi goal
Lamera broke Lamera. Loris attack error, Messi into the right side of the restricted area was Aldevererde timely shovel Broken. Trippier right cross, just a substitute for the Sissoko of the forbidden area to Fly. Winx pass, Little Lucas on the edge of the restricted area bang was Confiscated. Spurs a continuous corner, Harry Kane close to the header gongmen by the Langles block out, Sanchez 10 yards in the header gongmen and is in the special root of the Turner. Barcelona 90th minutes to lock the victory, Alba steals Sissoko after the cross, Suarez missed, Messi 10 yards place tui, 4-2.

Adjara: really want to go after the World Cup but staying at Chelsea is Right.

Adjara spoke of his own future Adjara spoke of his own future This summer, Adjara and real Madrid’s transfer rumours were once very hot, but the Belgian star eventually stayed at Chelsea. Since the beginning of the new season, Blue Army 10th has continued the good summer and played a more astonishing role.

In an interview, Adjara also talked about his current Situation. “i’m Happy here,” Adjara to BT sports, “the new coach is here and we enjoy playing with him.” Staying in the club is the right Decision. My contract expires in two years-i can sign a new contract, or I don’t know. “the Belgian star also talked about La liga:” I tell you the truth, after the world cup, I thought about leaving the Squad. It’s my dream to play in Spain. Then I talked to the top and the manager, and then I said, ‘ no problem, I can stay  Cheap CHELSEA SOCCER JERSEY  

’” Is it possible to end a career at chelsea? “yes, It’s possible,” Adjara said. The fans love me, I like the club and the city, and I think my teammates love me, too. “but He also expressed another possibility:” but this may also have, that is, I will be a year or two years after the Transfer. It is easy for me to make the decision to Leave. If I stay or leave, I will be happy, this club is now a part of my life. ”

Decadent Milan add a cable rage!


Mad: It’s going to end sooner or later!
Gattuso is anxiously directing the team, and he’s anxiously directing the team. In the 6th round of the Italian Serie A, AC Milan played against the relegation team in 1-1. After the game, manager Rino Gattuso was very dissatisfied with the team, and he was seldom as mad as a player after he became a coach. But after the game, he said: “We are not a good team.”

It’s going to end sooner or later. Milan’s start-up has not been as predictable as it has been in the last few seasons, but it has never been as desperate as it has been this season. Last season, AC Milan in Montella 4 win 2 negative, get 12 points, lost two games were last season’s strong teams Lazio and Sampdoria. This season, AC Milan are now only 6 points (less), 3 rounds in a row, and no match 0 opponents.

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This sparked a backlash from the fans, and a rare criticism of the team.
Gattuso criticizes team Gattuso for criticizing the team
“We created the opportunity in the first half and second half and then made a mistake, even though the cost of making the mistake was quite high,” Gattuso said of the Italian Sky Sports. Our problem is that we cannot kill the game, and we need to do it without the cause of the situation.

” “We are here again to talk about an unfortunate outcome, but we must work hard to finish the next paycheck.” When your team makes too many mistakes, the confidence of the team disappears and we can’t deny it. We are not a good team, we are not efficient. We have to grow and reduce some mistakes. If we continue to play this game, then the result will come sooner or later. ”